These general terms and conditions apply to all business transactions in our shop , under the name Syringa Shoes , which is owned ANTONIO HERNANDEZ CREMADES , professional, provided 22451479Y NIF.


Syringa Shoes,  is a business unit belonging to ANTONIO HERNANDEZ CREMADES provided with NIF- 22451479Y , residing at

Calle Tomás Maestre 2, 30.004 Murcia        

Any notification may be sent to the registered office, telephone 868 052 252 - 676 011 500 or email //


Syringa Shoes,is engaged in the sale of footwear and accessories.


Syringa Shoes, reserves the right to modify the commercial offer presented on the website ( changes to products, prices, promotions and other sales and service) at any time. Syringa Shoes , sailing, within their means, to provide the information contained in the website is accurate and no typographical errors. In the case that at some point an error of this type , at all times outside the will of Syringa Shoes occurs, immediately be corrected . There is a typographical error in any of the displayed prices and a client has made a purchase decision based on that error, Syringa Shoes , will inform the client of the error and the customer is entitled to cancel the purchase at no cost to you.


To make a purchase , the user can choose several ways to send us your order:

 a) In Internet through «Sybag»
 b) Telephone to your customer service: 868 052 252 // 676 011 500.
 c) Through our partners.
 d) E-mail //


The prices of products displayed on the website of Syringa Shoes , include Value Added Tax (VAT) , if any , is applicable.

Purchases will be delivered within the territory of any member state of the European Union are subject to VAT .


When ordering , the customer can choose to pay the purchases made by credit card (American Express, MasterCard , Visa , Visa Electron, ... ); bank transfer (only in Spain and some countries in the European Union) or other similar means . In certain cases and to prevent fraud , Syringa Shoes , reserves the right to request from the client, a particular form of payment if not conclusively proving the identity of the buyer.


The customer can choose the shipping method from among the possible area for shipping.

Remember that shipping is included at the national level , subject to minimum amounts .

 Syringa Shoes , sends orders to its customers through different courier companies of national and international prestige. The delivery date in the customer's home depends on the chosen product availability and shipping area. Transport times are approximate. However, both may vary depending on the specific circumstances of each order. Transport times can be altered by extraordinary incidents in the transport and difficulties in delivering the goods.


Syringa Shoes, guarantees its customers the availability , confirmation of order, not at the time of the purchase process.

Syringa Shoes, guarantees its customers the option to cancel your order without charge , provided that the cancellation is communicated before 18pm , the day of the order confirmation, because after this time the order will have been put available to the carrier for shipment.

The Customer shall have a period of fifteen days from receipt of the order, to terminate the contract and make the return or exchange of the product purchased. A customer shall Syringa Shoes , within the stipulated time and for any lawful means , his desire to exercise the right to terminate the contract.

Please let us communicate it to, indicating "Change or Return". Briefly explaining the details and send you a return code . You must include it in the shipment. Upon receipt of the code the carrier will contact you to provide you the product collection . Remember that this service has no cost to you. Help us make this task easier to streamline the process.

Syringa Shoes, take responsibility for the return postage and always change that the product is in the same condition it was sent.

The customer may return any item purchased on Syringa Shoes , provided the products have not been opened or used and retain the original packaging. In these cases, Syringa Shoes , proceed to exchange for another size or another product or the purchase amount will be refunded upon receipt and evaluation of the product . Once accepted, the refund will be made according to customer interest (with exceptions) , through a credit to your credit card , by bank transfer to the account specified by the customer or credited to your personal account, choice very important to be specified by the customer at the time of application.

If the product is not received in the same condition it was sent , the shipping and purchase amount will be the responsibility of the customer. This product will keep a month in our store, waiting for the client to make effective collection. If we have no response or customer knowledge in this period , discard the product.

If a different product requested by the client was mistakenly delivered Syringa Shoes , please tell a // This will be removed and you will be given the right product at no additional charge.

If the return is for manufacturing or errors by Syringa Shoes , proceed to the repair, replacement , reduction or termination of the contract negotiations to free the client.

For any incident related to the return of items in our store, please contact our Customer Service Department: // or phone: 868 052 252 // 676 011 500

Or through our address:

Calle mayor

179 edf. Federico  Entreplanta

30820 Alcantarilla (Murcia)


The client Syringa Shoes , undertakes at all times to provide truthful information about the data requested in user registration forms or placing an order, and keep them updated at all times.

The customer agrees to accept all terms and conditions contained in these Terms of understanding that reflect the best possible service for the type of activity performed Syringa Shoes.

You agree to hold in confidence and with the utmost care their personal access codes to our website .

The client undertakes to enable the delivery of the order by providing a delivery address and contact telephone number within the usual time of delivery of goods ( from Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 13:30 and 16:00 to 18: 00 ) . In case of default by the client of this obligation , Syringa Shoes , will have no liability for delays or failures in delivery of the order requested by the customer.


Syringa Shoesguarantees the security and confidentiality of all communications with its customers.

All payment transactions are conducted on- line through a secure server based on the SSL standard, which protects data against attempted rape by a third party . The details of the purchasing process are stored in a database designed for this purpose .

Syringa Shoes guarantees the protection and confidentiality of personal , home , payment details and any other information provided to us by our customers in accordance with the provisions of Law 15/ 1999 of 13 December on the Protection of Personal Data .

All information provided by our customers or their employees Syringa Shoes will be included in an automated file of personal data created and maintained under the responsibility of Syringa Shoes , in order to be established in each form of data collection. In this form , it will not accept or purposes and uses other than those necessary for the performance of this contract.

In compliance with the provisions of Law 15/ 1999 of 13 December, clients of Syringa Shoes may at any time exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition of their personal data by writing to:

Syringa Shoes

CalleTomas Maestre 2 

30.004 Murcia

In the event that the information supplied is associated with a purchase , the Spanish legislation obliges us to maintain at least five years so it can not be deleted or corrected , although block (cancel ) , even though the client and request.


The purchases made with Syringa Shoes are subject to Spanish law.

In the event of any conflict or inconsistency, the applicable jurisdiction will be the courts or tribunals of the buyer.


Syringa Shoes, allows the sale in several languages. It should be understood that having an error from the translation Castilian version prevails.