The elegance is magnified in footwear.

Leather shoes are always the best investment, quality and comfort, but require minimal care.

The Fitness footwear is essential for preservation, plus get lengthen its lifespan.

Make it Your ritual ... simple, but very productive !!

As our skin hydration is essential to maintain health and beauty, we should behave the same way with the skin of our shoes, cleaning and hydrate, lovingly as they deserve.

After each use:

1. Aerate footwear.
2. Remove dirt with a chamois (better: sprayed with a stain repellent / powder before use), a damp cloth, wipe or brush cells, according to skin type.

3. Clean with a specific waterproof product. Sometimes cream layers accumulate, should remove so that the pores of the skin to absorb the new treatment.

4.Acondicionar with nourishing cream until all areas are well covered, using the same amounts. Leave it. Clean excess with a soft cloth.

You should also moisturize the inside, the same way.

1. Let the shoes dry completely once you've cleaned, you can apply a smooth, colorless cream. Tip: Use the body!

2. You can terminate the process with a protective / repellent specific for each type of material.

Depending on the material, follow a few tips and tricks that you can follow for different care. This table will find major used in the manufacture of footwear Spanish.

So you know, whatever it is the type of material of your shoes have no excuse to let spotless!!

Also, note the following tips:

1. Alternate your shoes:

- You increase the lifetime and recovery of the shoe itself.

- Various props and rest your feet back,

2. The new shoes, estrénalos in short periods of time, so they can go taking shape without forcing your foot, or different materials.

3. Release the settings, do not force the buttresses, if possible help yourself to a shoehorn.

4. Between seasons and before storing, after the maintenance process indicated above, just add cream to be optimally preserved.

5. It is important that values ​​the skins to be natural, may have differences.

6. Keep your shoes in cloth bags that are included in the interior, besides being very practical, retain footwear temperature variations, smells, dirt and other conditions, allowing the transpiration.

7. leather shoes fit. What you will notice in width, but never in length, keep that in mind when choosing your size.