1.Select product and desired size.
2.Add product (shopping cart).
3.Confirmar in Sybag.
4.Observar order information.
5.Registro, you will receive a confirmation email with your keys.
6.Confirmar shipping address, you can have as many as you want, name them!
7.Seleccionar the average shipping and accept the terms and conditions.
8.Elegir payment:

A.Pay Pal
Credit B.Tarjeta

9.Podrás see the information of your order and receive mail, confirming to the process.
10.Te confirm by mail the product as stock in less than 24 hours. and you will get in less than 24h, nationwide.

Cancellation can only be done until 18pm on the day of confirmation of product, because it will be sent by the transport agency.

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