Discovering Syringa through María Hernández-Cremades , the founder.

Her devotion to fashion, footwear and the generation of new tendencies.

María, how the relationship with footwear come about?

It is said that we are all influenced by our fate , in my case , the print of tradition and genetics has been specially impressive.

In 1962 , my grandmother María , with whom I share both my name and a special vincule , started to sell shoes at her father´s local shop. It was not an easy situation but with great tenacity and betting on quality and design made footwear become not omly a business but also a way of life.

She was able to pass on her professionalism to her son, my father. Creating a new business concept in those years : design , manufacturing control , and advice on shoes.

The link to “Spanish shoes” has passed from one generation to another up to the present day.

How does this project come about?

It´s my hope and my dream.

Before I even existed , footwear was present in me.

Eventually , as could not be otherwise , I have succumb to the adorable temptation. There´s a force that is impossible to hold back within me…. Design , quality and the satisfaction of creating good shoe run through my veins.

By being in touch with collaborators , designers and national manufacturers has heightened my eagerness to contribute illusions and ideas , energy and knowledge to this exciting, although punished sector as a result of globalization and copies of Spanish designs.

For me , collaboration with nouvelle designers is fundamental as they impulse of what is personal rather than impersonal.

My aim is , apart from enabling access to exclusive high quality Spanish made shoes , to set stake on cooperation and synergie in the fashion world. To reinforce products made according to the customer´s needs, leaving behind the idea of it being the customer who has to adapt to the market or what fashion requires , interacting with community.

What is Syringa?

It is fusion of knowledge and freedom. It is the base of the beginning of a business adventure whose mission develops harmony , natural beauty , fusion of what is wild and adventurous , maximizing the strengths of Spanish shoes as a high point.

The name comes from a flower , commonly known as “lilac” , because it represents the singularity of our collections.

This flower , grows strategically in the most select places. It shows off because of its attributes : colour ,smell ,texture …. The stems of these flowers are extrememly resistant , thus reflecting the heels , their consistency and resistance in contrast to their delicate appearance.

There is a fusion of delicacy and strength , qualities which, in my view, represent female characteristics.

Coexistence with other plants , represents the interest in collaboration and experience in development and harmony.

Syringa – flower which grows with the wisdom of nature , giving it determined values and characteristics. In this particular project , these values are determined by the contribution of Spanish manufacturers with the know-how, the techniques and controls that have made this sector a worldwide reference for centuries.

What does Syringa have to offer?

Both the materials used and the fabrication process are national.

Excellence , exquisiteness and innate elegance which they provide , our interest in developing the industry and national collaboration in quality , exclusiveness , design , comfort and tendency , of the craftsmanship of the Spanish shoe just like the wild flower that stands out among others.

The high relevance of shows empathizes with the comfort of the leather , shape and shim /wedge.

Syringa collections will be accessible at a click thanks to the technology that allows us to reach further, generating synergy with clothes and accessory designers just like the syringe flower that cohabits with the most select places.